How to fix iPhone 4S unable to detect any WiFi networks

Suddenly none of the WiFi networks appear on iPhone 4S. Resetting network settings does not fix the issue.
Solution 1: Try this crazy solution (suggested by ifixit & Apple communities users)

  1. Turn off iPhone WiFi. Power off iPhone and put it in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes or  30 minutes to hour.
  2. Then take it out and power it back on. Turn the WiFi back on.
  3. See if WiFi is works. Your WiFi should works.

Lot of iPhone users reported this solution solved their WiFi issue.
Note : Make sure you need to put your iPhone in dry place in the freezer.
Solution 2: Reset Network Settings
Reset your iPhone network settings via Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network  Settings.
Note : Reseting network settings erase all your iPhone saved WiFi passwords. Then you need to manually added them back in your iPhone.
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Solution 3: Remove the space in WiFi name
Remove the space you named router WiFi.

  • Original: Jaks WiFi
  • Current : JaksWiFi

Also restart your iPhone (press and hold the Home button and Power button together until Apple logo appears).
If you knew any other solutions to fix “iPhone 4S unable to detect WiFi networks” issue, do let us via comment.

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