Fix: iPhone 39 Sync Error In iTunes on Windows & Mac

Most of the Apple users are stuck in iTunes error-39 especially when they try to delete photos or videos from the iOS device. iTunes error ”The iPhone cannot be synced”. An unknown error occurred (-39)” might pop up always.
Here are some solutions which may be helpful in fixing iTunes error.
Solution 1: Delete pictures in Windows

  1. Open iTunes and sync your iPhone
  2. Locate pictures tab and untick all photos and click ok
  3. Then sync your iPhone by pressing sync button(bottom) and check whether all photos have been removed.
  4. Open iTunes > Photos  and Select all the photos
  5. Resync your iPhone

Solution 2: Delete pictures in Mac
delete pictures in Mac

  1. Open Pictures > iPhoto library
  2. Right click on the iPhoto library and select show package contents and open iPhone photo cache
  3. Delete all photos and then connect your iPhone to the computer
  4. Click sync in iTunes

Solution 3: Removing photo cache folder
Replace USB cable or port

  1. Replace the USB cable or port
  2. Reboot your computer and ios device
  3. Update the latest version of iTunes and reboot it.
  4. Uninstall any web accelerator software and restore your device
  5. Delete the photo cache folder in Mac.

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