Fix: iPad Randomly Shuts Off Returns to Lock Screen

Some of the iPad users reported that if they use any app the screen goes blank at random times. Try the below solutions to resolve the issue.

Solution 1:  Go into Settings

Here given some things to fix the problem. Go into “Settings” to double check how each option was set-ip; here is the path.

  1. Settings.
  2. General.
  3. LOCK/UNLOCK – I TURNED OFF this option (made sure it was NOT GREEN)

Once if you try the above steps no longer iPad randomly shut off.

Solution 2: Reboot the device

Reboot the device by pressing both the home and sleep/wake buttons at the same time for 10-15 seconds until the apple logo appears on the screen.

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Solution 3: Reset the device

Reset the device by going to Settings/general/reset/reset all settings.

Solution 4: Use auto-lock feature
auto lock feature
On my iPad, I had an ifrogz case when it would shut off randomly. I bought an apple case and use auto lock feature now my iPad didn't randomly shut off.

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