iMac won't read SD cards? Here's how to fix it

Recently, I used the card reader in the iMac to copy files. After the update, SD card won’t show up on the Mac. If I want to eject the card, an error message will pop up on the screen. Go through the below solutions and rectify it.
Solution 1: Open Aperture or Image Capture
To insert the card into the card slot open Aperture or Image Capture.
Note: For using Photos and Image Capture.
Solution 2: Restart your PC
Leave the SD card inside the slot for sometimes. Then restart your PC. When it boots again, it should automatically be mounted.
Solution 3: Use toothpick to clean the slot
toothpick clean slot
It is a hardware problem. Inside the card reader, there is a small switch. That signals the computer that a card has been inserted. To clean a switch use a toothpick. Find the switch at the back or top of the card slot. After cleaning inside the slot the reader works again.
Solution 4: Enter Terminal command
Open Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal. Now, a Terminal Window appears on the screen.
Enter the following
Killall Finder
Insert an SD card and check.
Note: Won’t work means restart the Computer in Safe Mode.
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Solution 5: How to find SD card in the Finder
Finder card
There is a category called ‘Devices’ in the Finder’s sidebar. Tab on that and select your Computer’s name. In that see the SD card and drag it to the sidebar.
Note: If you can’t find your Computer’s name go to Finder -> Preferences -> Sidebar and enable it.
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