Fixed : Health App Not Working on iPhone

In order to track our health daily, Apple brought Health app in its updated iOS. It helps you to monitor your healthiness and strength easily. It is not like the other app to count your steps, it is to check out track your burnt calories while you are exercising. Most of you guys use to check out the body fitness. When it suddenly stops working you feel disappointed. But in this article you can easily solve the health app not working app for iphoneWhen the health app stops working do the following steps…
Re-Enable Sync between the Apps
In settings remove all the sync between the Health app and the other app. After this restart the iPhone and re-enable the sync. This may help your health app to function properly.
Go to Settings -> Privacy option
In the Privacy, several menus are listed. Swipe down and select “Motion and Fitness”how to fix Health app not counting steps on iPhone 6 6 Plus 5SMake sure whether Fitness tracking and Health option are enabled (shows Green color when turned on). Enabling this option will allow your iPhone to count your steps, monitor your fitness and so on.
Do a mobile reset
Resetting your iPhone is simplest method that helps your app to work without crashing. To do reset,

  1. Simultaneously press Home button + Power Button till the background display turns into Black
  2. Now switch on the iPhone and use the app. It works…
  3. After the above tricks are made, restart your iPhone.

Problems in Health App
Sometimes dashboard will not show your health rates. To visible the health information you have to turn on certain options in your Health app’s dashboard. To do so,
Go to Menu and choose the desired Health app. In the application, go to Health Data -> Fitness -> Walking +Running distance.iphone health appswipe the slide bar “Show on Dashboard” to enable it. This will provide all the data in a timeline by monitoring.
This helps you to display the Sleep, Body measurements, vitals, Nutrition and more on your dashboard itself. Otherwise it will keep on storing but will never get displayed.
Still your Health app Not working?
All the above steps will definitely make your app to work properly unless the Motion Co-processor (CPU) is malfunctioned. This is because the data generated by the health app software during monitoring could not be collected by your iPhone. This may also occur when your iPhone is Jailbroken. This should be checked out with Apple Support as it is a complicated issue.
Hope this article helped you to fix Health app problems (like counting, monitoring). Please feel free to ask your doubts and note down us about your experience regarding the health app.

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