Fix: Unable to Download Songs from iTunes -Download Error on iPhone

While I try to download a song or video from iTunes directly to iPhone. It shows an error message like “Download Error, Tap to retry“. And make sure that the iOS device has sufficient space to download the songs on your device. Sometimes this problem might happen due to full storage. After that, I had searched for a solution to fix this issue. Now, I got some solutions to resolve the issue. Here, you can learn how to download the songs from iTunes without any error message.

Solution 1:- Retry the Download 

Retry the download, for that. Tap to retry the download. When it’s attempting to download it again, just hit the Pause button. Once it was paused press the button again to resume the download.

retry the download

Note: If you could press the pause button, go to settings and switch WiFi (It will force the download to use the slow cellular network). It will give enough time to click the pause button.

Solution 2:- Delete the stuck download on your device

  • In your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, go to the Download page and you can see the small down-pointing arrow icon next to the “Download error“. Then tap to retry.” text. option.

delete the stuck download

  • On the down-pointing arrow icon, and flick (quick short swipe). This down-pointing arrow will bring a delete button. Tap the Delete button.
  • Use a horizontal swipe across the specific download item to bring a delete icon. Try three times (If the delete icon does not appear on the screen).
  • It will clear stuck downloading, in-progress download.
  • Then try to download the songs.

Solution 3:- Download the songs from iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer through a USB cable.
  • Open iTunes.
  • And Choose Account.
  • on the Account drop-down menu, click the Check for available download.
  • Then download the songs or video in it.

Solution 4:- Resume Download through cloud icon

  • Launch iTunes Store on your device.
  • And choose “Purchased”.
  • Then search the “Movie or songsyou want to download.
  • Now, click the cloud icon. After that, the download will resume.
  1. It doesn't work. It keeps giving me the error message. I don't want to go to apple support page because I already know what they're going to say. "Make sure your device has the lastest version of iTunes or update". But I don't want that as it will mess up my device like it did with my phone. This is very frustrating.

  2. I have the same problem with rented movies but there is NO "down arrow". All these movies have been watched and are no longer valid. This is very frustrating and no solutions anywhere. I've also tried all the advice but still they hang there begging to be downloaded and none of the buttons work. :{
    Please help!

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