Fix: Completely dead iPad – will not charge

A common problem that occurs for the users of iPad is iPad totally dead and it will not charge. Try the solutions to fix the problem.
Solution 1: Press Sleep or Wake button
sleepPress the Sleep or Wake button and Home button at the same time. This will help to turn on your iPad back again.
Solution 2: Use Home and Power button
Hold Home and Power buttons for at least 45 seconds, see if starts up normally.
power button
If it does not do the following:

  1.  Using iTunes connect your iPad’s USB cable into a Computer.
  2. Keep holding the Home button and connect to your iPad. A screen asks whether you connect to iTunes.
  3. iTunes should show up a popup saying that there is an iPhone or iPad that is in Recovery Mode and needs to be restored before you can use it.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click on Restore iPhone/iPad.

Solution 3: Choose update and restore to resolve vibration in battery location
If you connect your iPad to the charger try to touch below the iPad.  Near the battery location, you feel a slight vibration. To solve this problem follow these steps.

  1. Using laptop connect a charging cable to the USB port. We can easily put an iPad near the hot air ventilation. Hot air blow under the iPad.
  2. Wait till the iPad turn on and detected by iTunes. If the iPad stuck in the continuous battery+apple logo loops, try hold Home+Sleep button for 5-15 seconds to reset.
  3. Once turn on and detect by iTunes backup your iPad.
  4. Now, click on restore on the iPad. Choose update and restore which update the latest firmware and restore to factory default setting.
  5. Wait until the process completed and now your iPad works flawlessly.

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Solution 4: Restore to factory settings
Connected the dead iPad to iTunes in my iMac, press two buttons at the same time and then iTunes in my iMac get two choices update or restore to factory settings. The update didn’t work, and I restore to factory settings, and I restore my last backup from iCloud.
Solution 5: Change the charger
Change the charger from 5w to 10w and after 30 mins of charging it fixed the problem.
Solution 6: Take out the Sim Card
take out sim card
By taking the Sim Card out will bring a life to your iPad back again. Take out the Sim Card carefully. Use the end of the paper clip to push it out. There is a little hole at the side of the volume buttons pushes the tip into it. Sim card and holder flew out. I replaced it within 10 seconds. Now my iPad charging properly again.
Other Solutions:
Resetting and warming your iPad. This helps to give a life to your battery 100%.
Use 12-watt charger. This will resolve the issue.
Use old chargers.
5w iPad charger doesn’t reboot. So use the 10w charger. Now fully charging up.
Press both the Home and Shutdown buttons. It now seems to be charging normally.
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