Fix: Can't remember iPhone backup password

iPhone is one of the most powerful personal devices with the best performance and battery life. But there are also some issues with iPhone related to passwords, restore etc.
Below given solutions will be helpful for you to resolve the problem.
Solution 1: Backup using “Encrypt iPhone Backup”
Encrypt iPhone backup
1. Open iTunes > Summary
2. In the backup section, just tick the “Encrypt iPhone Backup” checkbox and enter a new password
3. You can restore your backup to a new password
Solution 2: Remove backup from devices
Remove backup using devices
If you forget a password after encrypting an iPhone backup you cannot able to restore from backup. Your only chance is to try a full software restore
1. Remove all iPhone backups from iTunes > Preference > Devices.
2. Then under Apps&Data choose “Setup as a new iPhone” 
Note: If you don’t remember setting a password for your backup, just try ………”password”………. as your password
Solution 3: Remove backup password
1. Plug your iPhone to Mac via USB cable.
2. It will not accept any password when connected via WI-FI, though the password is correct and you can resolve it.
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Solution 4: Use Keychain access
1. Under Utilities, select Key chain access.
2. There appears an option to backup your iPhone, open it.
3. Click “Show password” and enter the Mac password.
Other Solutions

  1. If you do not remember setting up a password you can try out “0000” and “1234” or “12345”
  2. Sometimes encrypted password for your backup also be chosen automatically to set your password as Windows Administrator password

Note: To unlock encrypted iPhone backup sometimes you can use the password of the local administrator account.
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