Apple wireless keyboard battery cap stuck? Real Fix

One of the user uses an Apple Bluetooth keyboard on Mac. But suddenly the battery cap of her wireless keyboard had stuck inside. Used screw driver to take away the battery cap. But still, the issue persists. Here given some suggestions to resolve the battery cap stuck issue.
Solution 1: With Baking soda Solution
You can use water and baking soda solution to take the battery away. Take a whole cup of water and baking soda, mix it well then use this solution. Wet the cloth in this solution then rub it where you can eject the cap. Or under the battery, there are 2 small rubber strips. Poke one of the strips that are next to the end screw. You can witness 2 little holes, in that we can pour the baking soda concoction. You can also make as many little holes in the bottom of that tube to fill the baking soda. Be cautious that the other parts of the keyboard should not wet. Dry the whole keyboard before using, with a hair dryer or something available. For your precaution just cover the battery with the tape.

Solution 2: By using a lengthy screwdriver

lenghty screwdriver

  1. Take an extended screw driver that can touch the battery and can be seen once you put it inside. Also, any tape to cover the wires.
  2. When you remove the glue you can see a plastic cover popping up. You have to take off that plastic cover.
  3. There are only 2 screws to hold the electronic board. Take off the first screw 2a. Then moderately bend it backward. The amended part that held the removed screw from 2b. That  helps to loosen panel
  4. The wiring lock has covered with a tape to connect it to the circuit board.
  5. To take off the tape, disjoin the plastic lock from the circuit board. Then pluck the circuit wire from the back of that board. Move the circuit board towards the power up button of your keyboard.
  6. Now you have connected the battery. After you have witnessed the connection remove it by using your nail or a screw driver.
  7. Move down the circuit board by using the tape that covered the circuit wire and battery wire, after which you can witness the lock ring.                                                                                Note: Please be cautious to the following steps.
  8. Cover the edge of the screwdriver and affix the inside of the battery. You are going to use the screwdriver to lift the battery.
  9. Cover the gap with a plastic cover because a spring will pop bloat.
  10. Through some forceful pushes just move the battery towards the plastic cover towards the opening side. Because of the pushes, the ring will give gap to the battery to move on.
  11. If your screwdriver is not that much longer means just slid the old battery inside for an extra length.
  12. Push it till the spring and the holder will pop off. Then all the obstacles have cleared now you can push the battery comes out.
  13. Clean the rust or corrosion then reassemble the parts in reverse order as they were once.

Note:  Handle the keyboard wires with care while continuously pushing it because they can easily damage. Cover the parts that are touch with  +/- in your battery with duck tape.
Solution 3: Assert a grey plastic panel
grey plastic panel
You can see a grey plastic panel that is placed in the center of rounded spine keyboard. Then assert it with a screwdriver. Take off a single Phillips screw at the Bluetooth module. Then you can slide the batteries out from the adverse end.
Solution 4: Inserting a penny

  1. Insert the penny or a coin  in the battery cover broke
  2. Then hit the adverse edge of a penny for some time, but not so hard.
  3. It may loosen the corrosion.
  4. Turn the penny by using your hands or pliers to undo it. If it not so then you have to force it for some times to loosen
  5. Then take off the battery cover.

Solution 5: Turning the screw

  1. First, you have to turn the screw.
  2. Filed down the outer case at the battery cover screw slot that located in an eighth of an unscrewing direction.
  3. To lengthen the ‘coin’ screwdriver slot right out of the edge you have to use a hacksaw blade.
  4. Then you need to push the screwdriver in sideways into the screw slot it will be a twisted one.

Solution 6: Neutralizing
neutralizing alkaline batteries

  1. Alkaline batteries only leak Alkaline. Baking soda also an alkaline. So it will not be a neutralizer.
  2. So you can use white vinegar to neutralize the alkaline. That the neutralized alkaline serves as a neutral salt.
  3. Take a q-tip in a pencil and clean it properly
  4. Remove the alkaline battery.
  5. Then change alkaline batteries with the Nickel Metal Hydride[NIMH], because these batteries are powerful than the Alkaline batteries.

Solution 7: Using a flat-blade screwdriver
Take a big flat-blade screwdriver in a bench vice. By turning the keyboard, unscrew the battery cap forcefully. Then just drill the negative terminal of the first battery. After which take it out with the corkscrew. Sometimes you have to clean the inner gunk. Cleans it with the cloth wrapped pencil and also can use a rolled kitchen towel that dipped in the detergent. Dry it up after cleaning. Then take off the Bluetooth cover by compressing the sides of the plastic tube. This can help you to insert jeweler’s screwdriver and catch the rear edge to slowly drag it up. Then you can witness everything will be shine. You can use descaler to make the screw-in battery cover to be tidy. Use a dental pick to throw away the thread placed in the aluminum body. When all has dried,  fix the  2 batteries then screw in the cap. By using a DVM, calculate the inside voltage. 3.6 voltage is normal. Then insert the batteries before pairing your keyboard with your Mac and press power on button. If the green lits indicates that your problem has fixed.
Solution 8: For model A1314
A1314 battery tube

  1. In some models like A1314, in that, we can see a plastic cover. That placed in the mid of the tube
  2. Just pulling it out. Then can witness the bottom of the battery tube adjoin to the spring and the Philips head screw.
  3. Unlock the screw also a metal lock or clamp.
  4. The screw will come out
  5. By pause or pulling up on the plastic edges at the connector just disjoin the ribbon cable that is connected to the circuit board.
  6. Also, you can witness the ribbon cable slide out.
  7. Then disjoin everything.
  8. That the screw and the clamp can loosen from the switch.
  9. Circuit board and the battery spring are slid out to left.
  10. Keep the ribbon cable away from the circuit board.
  11. Then you can witness the stuck battery then extend or push it out from left or right.
  12. Spray WD40 in now you can eject the battery out by using a screwdriver.
  13. It may make erosion inside of the tube, sometimes it may be the reason for this problem
  14. Just deepen the inside by using the knife with a sandpaper.

It will fix the problem.
Note: Careful with the ribbon cable when you assemble it against
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Other solutions

  1. Use vinegar for cleaning the corrosion or wash off it with baking soda to neutralize vinegar.
  2. Just put the 2 batteries on the top of the stock battery. Then drop them down. It can help you to eject the stuck battery. Also can feel the blocking of the spring. Then dislodge the 3 batteries. Insert 3 new batteries.
  3. Take two knives. One is to restrict the spring another to contact with the plastic battery. Hold the battery’s back while pushing the battery out by using wire or something.
  4. Sometimes you need to put the screwdriver inside without a bit then batter the end with a hammer till the battery knock loose. In this, you have to hit it hard for some times.
  5. In the Bluetooth keyboard which obtain 2 batteries means follow the diagrams given in the tube as a guide, insert new AA batteries. Then turn the keyboard on.
  6. You can mix the toothpaste along with some water then pour the solution inside. Leave it for 20 minutes. Then use the screwdriver to pull it out
  7. Squeeze out WD-40 liquid inside then wiggle the keyboard for some times then tap the side of the tube where the batteries will move. That the corrosion battery will come out. Then you should change the batteries.
  8. After cover, the keyboard with a zip-loc bag just put it in the freezer. Let it be for the whole night. Just disclose the battery cover and hit the keyboard lightly. The stock batteries will be slid out.
  9. Coffee is also an alkaline so it can neutralize the corrosion. Pour a small amount of coffee inside the battery container by using the paper towel. Let sit for 15 minutes, that will enough.
  10. Just take Nikhil into a pair of vice grips, then loosen the cap by moving it front and back. Help to remove the stuck cap.
  11. Take a Dremel tool to cut a small hole that goes into the battery channel at the bottom of the keyboard. But normally it won’t be seen. After this hit the stuck batteries with any sharp tool like the knife.
  12. Just spray the cap by using the WD-40 then leave it for an hour. You can grab the corroded batteries with an extended screwdriver.
  13. Use baking powder, GT85 lubricant, and the white vinegar then taps your keyboard strongly after some time.
  14. Take a coin to use and turn the keyboard or the cap with your weight. It will loosen the corroded battery. You can take off the acid powder with the cotton bud. It’s a vice technique.
  15. Soak the cap with the vinegar solution. It will ease the process.
  16. Take a coin with prompt diameter and thickness or a washer and place it correctly and stably in a bench vice. Then place the keyboard in the coin/washer then turn the keyboard with pressure.
  17. You can use a syringe to inject the vinegar around batteries then let it for 2 hours. After which vise it and go to nickel. Then use a gun cleaning kit to cleanse the inside of the keyboard.


  1. Changing the batteries often is important.
  2. You have to use a 5¢ and a vice grip.
  3. Use warranty is given batteries like Duracell and Energizer.

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