Fix: Apple TV Airplay – I Can hear Sound but no picture

Recently, I started to play a movie on iPad or iPhone. It allows me to select the devices between the Apple TV. When I selected the devices airplay sound will only appear but no picture displays. Go through the below idea and resolve the issue.
Solution 1: (Suggested by Michael Seelye)
ios 10 update
Open Apple TV -> Settings -> General -> Update Software.
Solution 2: Download “Remote” app
Go to the App Store and download the free “Remote” app. It restores the picture.
Solution 3: Reset your ATV through iTunes
Use USB cable and connect your Apple TV. Give a power supply to iTunes. Now, Reset your ATV.
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Other Solutions
Restart the iPad.
How to play your playlists through Apple TV
Open the Remote app on iPad. There are two options available in the left pane. One is Apple TV and other is “Isaac …’s Library”. SelectIsaaC …’s Library” it displays all categories on Mac. As per your wish select a movie, song, a playlist that will automatically play through Apple TV.
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