How to fix Airpods not pairing with Mac issue

One of the users had Airpods troubleshooting problems. Tried different methods like resetting the iCloud data, open the Bluetooth Preferences on Mac and then press the pair button. But, still, the issue persists. Here given some solutions to resolve the pairing issue.
Solution 1: Sign out iCloud account
iCloud sign in
Sign out of iCloud. Wait for few seconds and clean everything inside it. Sign back in.
After a few seconds, you will notice that air pods automatically show up.
Solution 2: Pairing your Air pods on Mac OS Sierra

  1. Check whether you have Mac OS Sierra.
  2. Select the display time from the bottom menu and tap on the volume icon.
  3. Choose your air pods from the list.

Go into your iPhone’s control center and disconnect Air pods from your iPhone. Move right to turn your Air pods back into your phone.
Solution 3: Use Bluetooth

  1. Put your Air pods in your ears.
  2. Open System Preferences -> Bluetooth. Just wait for a minute, till your Mac finish searching for Bluetooth devices. It also shows your Air pods in the list.
  3. Go to the Menu bar and select the volume icon. At a time, you see Air pods devices pop up on the screen. From that, choose your Air pods.

Solution 4: Charge your Air pods

It will help to have enough battery life to work properly. Use charging case to charge Air Pods.
Steps to charge Airpods

  1. Place your Airpods in the charging case.
  2. Status light will help to identify the amount of charge your Airpods contains.

Note: If light turn green your Airpods gets fully charged.
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