How to find out when a picture was taken on iPhone

One of the new readers taken photos using iPhone and later on, they checked the photos. Tried to find the date and time of the photo taken. But they couldn’t find it.
Here we listed some of the apps to find out when a photo was taken.
1.Camera Awesome
Camera Awesome
It is a free app that allows the user to see when the photo was taken.

  1. Open camera roll from this free app.
  2. Click on the plus button and load the photo that you want to see the date information.
  3. Click on the (i) button, when the photo is displayed.
  4. Now, the date and time of the photo are displayed.

2.Exif Wizard
Exif Wizard
It is a free and a lightweight app. This app shows date and time. Just scroll all your photos to see the month and a year.

  1. You can email photos easily using this app.
  2. View images with a full resolution.
  3. Some of the options available to add, modify or delete EXIF tags.

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3.iPhoto app
This app contains all kinds of the photo including the capture time. Click on the I button from this app to bring all the information for photos.
iPhoto app
4.Exif Viewer by Fluntro
Exif viewer by fluntro
Exif viewer displays Date, photo resolution, size etc.

  1. There is an option to hide photos.
  2. Ability to zoom photos in.
  3. Choose your desired date formats.
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