Steps to Find Lost Apple Airpods?

Many of the iPhone users have the problem of finding their lost iOS devices. But most of the users have complained that their Airpods are lost and they have no idea to find it. Luckily, Apple support gave the easy way to “find your lost Airpods”. Here I gonna share you those steps to find Airpods.
Requirements to Find My Airpods

  1. An iOS device should have the version of 10.3
  2. Your Airpods should pair up with the iOS device.
  3. iCloud Account.
  4. Find my iPhone should be enabled on your iOS device before you lose the Airpods.

Setup Find My iPhone

  1. Launch “Settings”.
  2. Tap “iCloud”.
  3. Select “Account” and sign in.
  4. Enter your iCloud Username and Password.

Enable Find My iPhone

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Tap “iCloud”.
  3. Choose “Find My iPhone” and Enable it.

How to use Find My Airpods

  1. Tap “Find My iPhone” app to open it on the iOS device or open on the computer.
  2. Login iCloud account and set up your Airpods (if you are an iOS Device user skip to step 4).
  3. On a computer, choose the “Find iPhone” icon.
  4. After doing this, find My iPhone/Airpods launches and attempts to locate your Airpods.
  5. Choose “All Devices” in the menu and Select Airpods.
  6. On the iOS device, tap “Airpods”.
  7. Here you can see two colored dots that indicate the Airpods:

Green: This color represents that your Airpods are online and that you can able to play the sound through it.
Gray: This color represents that your Airpods can’t be located for a number of reasons.
If your Airpods have the green dot near to it means, tap that dot and then click the (i) icon in the pop-up menu.

  1. At the pop-up, select “Play Sound” to have your Airpods play a sound.

Stop Playing: This will stop the sound.
Mute left: this will stop the sound from the left to find the right one.
Mute Right: this will stop the sound from the right to help you to find the left.
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