How to Find IP address of other computers on Network

So many users try to find out which other devices are connected to your local network. Here given methods to find IP address on other devices.
Method 1: Go to your Network router’s administration page
This page displayed all the other devices on the network, including IP address.
Method 2: Use Ping
Use Ping in the terminal to find the computer’s IP address.
How to open terminal
Go to the Applications -> Utilities or type Terminal into Spotlight.
Enter the Ping command in the command prompt.
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Method 3: Use terminal command arp -a
ARP Command
Use the terminal command arp -a. This will show IP and MAC address of all devices on the network.
Method 4: Use IP Scanner app
It is a free app and it lists all the information – including device name, IP address, and MAC.
Hope, this post helps to find IP address on the computer.

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