Mac Fix: “File Open” dialog is missing sidebar items

The most common reason for the missing of the sidebar in open or save window is that it will be hidden accidentally.
This can be solved by the following solutions below
Solution 1: Click the sidebar button
1. You can click on the sidebar button in the upper corner of the window
2. This will show the sidebar immediately in the open/save window.
Solution 2: Reset your Favorites list
1.Open your user library in Finder
2. Hold down alt key while opening GO menu
3. Then Click Library > Preference 
4. Locate the files that contain  and move it to trash
5. Reboot your phone.
Note: Also you can relaunch Finder if you do not need to reboot it (Right click on the finder icon while pressing alt and then click “Relaunch”)
Solution 3: Create Favorites in sidebar
1. In “Open file”  or “Save as” dialogue box drag any folder to the sidebar
Note: This will create a “Favorites” category in the sidebar
2. And then reboot it (after rebooting all the dialogue box sidebars shows in Favorites as it appears in Finder)
Solution 4: Change the Favorites folder
1. Go to Finder and drag a folder in Favorites to some other position
2. Then close the Finder window and then reopen it
3. Then restart to work normally
Solution 5: check in your Favorite list
check in your favorite list
1. Open Finder > Preference > sidebar
2. Then tick on every Favorites list
Note: Installing EI Capitan will reset few of your original settings

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