FaceTime Alternative Apps for iPhone Video Calling

iPhone users are in need of a FaceTime alternative apps to support video calling and there is a necessity that the other person we contact must also have the same app. Due to the availability of network and mobile data there can be a problem in the service. The issues in video calling can be overcomed with some best list of app for video calling. Here, we are going to discuss on some of the beat such FaceTime alternative apps for iPhone video calling.
Facetime Alternative iPhone Apps

1.Tango (Free)

Tango iPhone App Icon
Tango is also a best video calling app that can be used along with iPhone, is a good app for video calling. Although the main aim is video calling the app also supports messaging or chatting like WhatsApp or iMessage.Video calling using this app is really good.
2. Skype (Free)
Skype iPhone App
Skype is one of the best app for video calling among all of its kind. Skype can be used with iPhone, Android devices, laptops and smart phones. We can also use Skype calling for Android smart phones and other laptops from our Skype in iPhone. The only thing to be noted is other user also must have a Skype app and an account in it.
3. Hangouts (Free)
Google Hangouts iPhone App Icon
Hangouts is a video calling app for iPhone with many special features. We can use status update, photos, maps, emoji stickers and animated GIFs instead of typing long messages using this app. A group chat can go up to 100 members and a group video call up to 10 members is possible when we use this app. With these features we would love to have this app with us for our iPhone.
4. Facebook Messenger (Free)
Facebook Messenger iPhone App Icon
Facebook messenger is also a face timer alternative app for video calling in iPhone. In addition to finding and sending  multimedia messages to friends we can also use group chats for friends and also for those in contacts. With this app, we can snap and share files, take selfie directly from the app. We can make video calls to all around the world with this app using WiFi.
5. imo free video calls and chat (Free)
imo iPhone App Icon
imo is a FaceTime alternative app for video calling using iPhone. imo allows messaging to group chats along with voice and video calls from all around the world for free. It allows unlimited messages, voice and video calls in whatever devices they are installed. The quality of voice and video calls are remarkably good and also we share photos and videos using this app. We also have hundreds of emoji,s to express our emotions symbolically.
6. WeChat (Free)
WeChat iPhone App Icon
WeChat is a good alternative for FaceTime app for video calling in iPhone with high quality free video calls to anywhere in the world. The app supports around 500 people to chat, share videos, photos, images that is enough to have for  social network. We even have funny animated stickers to express feeling during chat and use friend radar to find people nearby using this app. The app supports 20 different languages and can translate message in any language.
7. Fring (Free)
Fring iPhone App
Fring is a special app which allows group video chats along with good quality of individual video calls. It is an individual, light-weight, ultra cool app for video chat. We can also use group chats and messaging using this app along with video call.

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