iPhone Fix: Face ID Not Working iPhone X/XR/XS/XS MAX

Apple has been updating with an amazing feature. The face ID lock is playing a major role comparing to Touch ID and it improves the device security. Recently, people reported that the face ID not recognizing the face properly to unlock the iPhone. The same issue arises for me and I tried some of the simple tricks. It works for me, In this article, I will guide with the simple fix to get rid of this problem.

Fix 1: Disable Attention aware feature

Launch Settings-> Accessibility.

Now, tap on the “Face ID & Attention” option.

Then, tap to disable the “Attention aware feature” option.

Attention aware

Fix 2: Reset Face ID

Launch Settings-> Accessibility.

Now, tap on the “Face ID & Attention” option and enter the passcode if needed.

Tap on the “Reset Face ID” option.

Now, tap on “Set up Face ID” to set Face ID again.

Reset Face ID

Fix 3: Reset All Settings

Launch Settings-> General.

Tap on the “Reset” option.

Now, tap on the “Reset all settings” option, enter the passcode if needed.

Again, tap on the “Reset all settings” to confirm it.

Reset All Settings

Fix 4: Check the Camera

Make sure your camera is in portrait mode and whether you are holding the camera in a verticle orientation.

Fix 5: Update your iOS

Launch Settings -> General.

Tap on Software update.

Now, Check for any update is available or not.

If yes, then tap on the “Download and Install” option.

I hope the above steps may solve your problem. If still, you have trouble unlocking your iPhone using face ID then please Contact the Apple Support team and report the issue. Thank You…

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