Exchange Server "There was an error attempting to send your changes"

After upgrading to Mac OS X Yosemite Mac users getting continual errors in iCal for Exchange calendar. iCal no longer sync with Exchanger calendar. Deleting and re-adding account is not fix your issue.
“Calendar can’t refresh with the account “RPD Exchange” There was an error attempting to send your changes to the exchange server”.
Devices : MacBook Air, iMac, OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite.
Solution 1:-

  1. Close iCal.
  2. Go to System Preferences -> Internet accounts.
  3. Choose Exchange account and turn off calendar. Close System Preferences.
  4. From the Finder, navigate to Go menu and hold the option key down.
  5. While holding down the Option key, you will see the “Library” appears.
  6. Click the Library and it will open in Finder window.
  7. Go to the directory named “Calendars”. You can see the file named “Calendar Cache”. It should be a large file depending on how much you stored on iCal.
  8. Move the Cache file to trash. Then restart the iCal.
  9. iCal will crash on 1st time after because of the missing cache file. Just click OK and reopen it.
  10. At this time iCal will reload all your accounts. Most of the time Exchange account reload itself.  So wait iCloud events are rebuilt.
  11. After iCal complete backup process and running, navigate back to System Preferences and make sure turn on Exchange calendar.

Solution 2:-
Enable and disable contacts. Then enable and disable calendars in Exchange internet account.
If you knew any other solutions, do let us via comment.

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The following ended up working for me:
– upgraded to OSX Sierra (10.12)
– enabled logging: defaults write LogHTTPActivity -boolean FALSE
– viewed logs in Console: saw message about /Users/<user>/Library/Keychains/Microsoft_Intermediate_Certificates being locked
– renamed locked file

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