Fixed : Excel Spreadsheet Read only on Mac

Lot of Microsoft Office users reported this issue. Whatever they make new excel sheet and save it, they can’t write in this sheet next day. It becomes ready only file.
So how to remove read-only privilege from excel spreadsheet.
Software : Excel 2011 for Mac.
Solution 1:-
You can’t use “/” in the name of your file. It allow you to save it on Mac. but windows says you can’t use backslash (/). however once you saved it and reopen it on a Mac OS X, it will be read only.
So remove / from the file name or change the “/” to “-“.
Solution 2:-
Saving the file in Excel 97-2004 (xls) format cause this issue. It includes date (m/d/yy) in the file name. Removing the date also fix your issue.
If you knew any other solutions, do let us via comment.

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