Fix : Error Invalid Number Message in Texts – iPhone, iPad

When iPhone or iPad users try to send a text they getting “+1 (1) 216 116-11  Error Invalid Number.  Please re-send using a valid 10-digit mobile number or valid short code” error. This message appears even though the phone number is 10 digit. Deleting the contact and re-adding it not fix your problem.
Solution :-

  • Delete the contact (name and number) from your device. Delete all message with that contact.
  • Start a new message by typing in the 1st letter of the person name or number. Their contact still popup in a dropdown box.
  • Do not select the text recipient. Select i (info)icon after the contact. Recent menu will popup.
  • Choose remove from the top right corner.
  • Do the same thing for every instance with name & number in it.
  • Now try to type a new text.

If it not solve your problem, the number might buried in some group texts. So delete every group text with the number.
Other Fixes:-

  • Reset network Settings in Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Note : This will reset bluetooth pairings and Wifi passwords.
  • Check the contacts which not have 10 digit number.

This message also appears when you try to send text messages to landline number.
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Ok so, I don't know if u have to follow all these steps or not but this is what i did and it fixed the problem. 1. Delete the person in question
Contact info
2. Then I deleted all of my texts
From "EVERYONE" not just the
Person in question
Then I turned my phone off waited 30secs turned back on and low and behold after I made sure to re-enter the person info with area code and no 1 in front of it, it worked for me , so like I said don't know if every step is needed but I can now text again to that person hope this helped

one bandaid solution i have seen work is typing the persons phone number in manually to send a text, but instead of typing each number numericaly, use a corresponding letter key for one of the numbers .. example .. instead of typing 555-6312 try 555-631A .. for some odd reason, it works

Try this, it contact details has a +1 before the parenthesis() delete only the 1 and keep the + sign.. Seemed to have worked this instance for me.. (Says delivered without an error message anyways).

Ok, I had this issue an nothing would work but I finally got it fixed.
1. I removed any text from the contact I was having an issue with and any text from the +1 number.
2. I then went back into text, typed the first letter of the contact and removed any recents that related to that contact.
3. I then went back into text, typed + and removed any number in recents that had the + in front of it.
4. I then went back into text, typed random letters, just to go through recents and got rid of any group recents and deleted them.
5. I then went into contacts and removed the original contact and any contact that had the + in the number.
6. I then did the network reset
7. I then rebooted the phone, again.
8. I then reconnected to my wifi (probably had nothing to do with this) and sent a text to the number (including area code) but did not have it added to contacts.
9. Text worked, no error and then I just added to contacts from the text.

Didn't work for me! I tried it all and nothing works! I have iPhone 5c and AT&T.
I also tried everything from all other pages and their suggestions didn't work either. Don't know what else to do. Thank you though!

Thank you SOOO much!!!!!
Finally, a solution that works!!!
My son was given a hand-me-down iPhone 5 from his cousin & then AT&T monthly cellular service from his grandma at the beginning of this past summer. The first day his phone was turned on, he tried to text me & got the dreaded invalid #, use a 10 digit # error message.
We scowered the internet for a solution, we tried many different fixes but none worked. We called & ta×lked AT&T cellular customer service, we called & talked to Apple cellular customer service, only to hear each company claim this problem was due to the other company!
The instructions about deleting all traces of the problem #'s texts & contact info and then composing a new text by entering the the 1st few letters of that cocontact's name & clicking the circled i to fully delete that contact finafinall the trick!!
Thank you SOOO much for the fix, he can finally text me =)

First had AT&T troubleshoot to no avail, then called Apple several times. Thought it was resolved after clean-installing the OS (updating the OS first did not work). I had to sign up for iCloud (which I did not want) in order to back up everything on my iPhone first. Was able to text for a couple of weeks. Now the problem is back. I tried to text a client I had not texted before and got the dreaded error message.

I was able to get this resolved by placing a +1 in from of the area code and 7 digit number. So for example +1 (314) 123-4567

Didn't work for me. But I also have iPad & laptop, not sure if I would have to repeat these steps on each and every Apple device to make it work. I just don't have time!

THANKS, much for this fix. Like others have found, this problem is pervasive but few answers how to really fix it. Unlike Android, there does not appear to be a way to delete all data associated with the "Messages" app; that would certainly be quicker. Thanks, again. Now my wife is happy, and you know what they say, "Happy wife, happy life."

amazing work-around! sorry if someone has already posted this. Neither AT&T nor Apple seems to claim responsibility. I just filed a *case* with AT&T — maybe the volume of complaints will make somebody take notice. In the meantime, the tech woman told me to substitute the last digit with the corresponding letter on the phone. So 206-555-1212 would be 206-555-121a. Bingo! It works. A lot easier than deleting and re-adding contact. Meanwhile, AT&T and Apple, would somebody please FIX this?!

I am from out of the country and using a AT & T GoPhone. The balance on my account is going down, down, down, at $.25/pop each time i get this message. I have NO TEXTs going out to any invalid messages. The message i get from AT & T is "1900090006010 Error invalid Number. Please re-send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or short code. REG-REQ?" Followed by a bunch of letters and numbers, looking like hexadecimal. This is maddening!!! I have no numbers in my contacts anything LIKE that number and i am NOT sending any texts…any help anyone? I've deleted all my texts other than the AT&T texts….

Just fixed this on my iPhone . When looking at the name in contacts, there was a phone number, without the 3 digit prefix, beside "FaceTime" listed in the contacts. Used the arrow to the right of that and selected "ignore".

I'm having trouble with this issue with one contact after running the latest iPhone update Saturday night. I've tried several of the fixes listed above and in these comments, and nothing has worked. Wonder if it's related to the iPhone update.

Having the same problem — again. Deleted the contact. Used a symbol for a number. Last year when I went through this, I heard the same thing: Apple says it's AT&T; AT&T says it's Apple. SOMEbody, please fix it!

I am having the same problem with the 10 digit error code. My husband and I have the same iPhone and the same carrier (att). He can text message a mutual friend (sprint carrier) but when I text the same friend, I get the error message even though I am using a 10 digit number. It’s frustrating!

you need to clear safari cookies.For that, open "Settings" -> click "Safari" -> click "Clear History and Website Data".

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