Fixed: Error in Filter while printing in Epson

Epson is one of the best printers. But the filter failed while trying to take print out. The upgraded version too has some problem. And finally, I found some solutions to fix this issue which I stated below.
Solution 1: Restart the printer

  1. Add and delete the printer.
  2. Restart your printer.
  3. Also, you can reset your Epson printer.
  4. Reinstall the printer using CD-ROM.

Note: You can change the IP address.
Solution 2: Change the settings

  1. Click on the printer dialogue box on Printer.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select Standard under Page setup or Select the print driver and choose the current print settings

Solution 3: Router problem
The problem may be because of the router.

  1. Go to router DHCP setting.
  2. Set your static IP address to your printer.
  3. Finally, reboot and add the printer.

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Solution 4:

  1. Select Preference.
  2. Then go to Printers -> printer sharing on ->change the name.
  3. Restart the computer.

Solution 5: Changing network setting

  1. Change network setting as disable.
  2. ON and OFF WiFi settings.
  3. Adjust print work.

Solution 6: Deleting some issues in settings.

  1. Go to Library->Cache
  2. Then delete Epson folders.
  3. Upgrade Onyx to EI cap version. Then run repair permission.

Note: WLAN and Wifi should be connected in the same range.
You can print using USB or Airprint.

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