How to fix error 3194 in iTunes when updating and restoring iPhone & iPad?

Lot of Apple users reported Error 3194 in iTunes. This message appears when iOS users updating or restoring/downgrading their iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Why this error message appears in iTunes when you connect your iOS device
Error 3194 in iTunes
Sometimes this issue happened after you jailbreaking your iOS device. Its should modify the host file and block your device from apple server. Sometimes this problem happened because of the jailbreak tweaks.
Fix 1: Use DFU mode
1. Quite/ Close iTunes in your computer (Windows or Mac).
2. Open host file with administrate rights.
In Mac : Navigate to : /etc/hosts
In Windows : Go to c:windowssystem32driversetchosts
3. Copy and paste the following line in host file in last.
error 3194 hosts file
4. Now connect your iPad , iPhone or iPod to computer using USB cable.
5. Launch iTunes.
6. Turn off your iPhone. Press and hold sleep/power button.
Start your iPhone in DFU mode by press and hold home button and power button together for 10 seconds. Then release the Power button (not home button).
Hold Home button until you will see the iTunes message “your device is now in recovery mode” in iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
7. Use iTunes restore feature and update your device iOS. Now go back to the host file again.
Remove the last command line you entered.
Fix 2: Still you are getting error 3194, then try this solution.
Add the following 3 lines in your host file at last

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i have been trying for the past two days to find something.. not a spam account or anything, just saying this worked for me. i was trying to do it without dfu mode and didn't know how to edit the host file or whatever. this actually worked for me. thanks.

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