Equivalent of Ctrl-Alt-Del on Mac

If you are came from Windows Platform and new to Mac OS X, probably you don’t know how to open Task manager (like) app in Mac OS to close unresponsive browser, app etc.
The equivalent of the the Windows OS Task Manager app  is the Force Quit Applications app and Activity Monitor app.
Force Quit Applications is used to close unrenponsive or sluggish apps

  1. Use keyboard shortcut  + + ⎋  alternatively known as  command + option + escape. It will bring Force Quit Applications Window.
  2. Select the Program which is not responding and click the Force Quit button. force quit applications

Activity Monitor app is used to find  Network usage, CPU and Memory usage.

  • Open Spotlight search (click the search icon in Mac top right corner) and type Activity monitor to open Activity Monitor App.
  • Alternatively open Activity Monitor app via Applications/Utilities/.
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