Steps to Enable Dark Mode in Safari on iPhone

enable Dark mode in safari on iPhone

Many of the iPhone users have don’t know how to “Enable Dark Mode in Safari on iPhone”. Generally, it was the simple process and you can enable it by following few steps. If you guys don’t know how to do this action means kindly read this article for your easy verification. Here I gonna share you the possible steps to do this process. Let’s get started.

Enable Dark Mode on Safari

  1. Open “Safari” on your iPhone.
  2. Now, you can search any website in which articles you want to read in dark mode.
  3. Tap “Reader Mode Button” at the search bar.Safari dark mode
  4. Tap “Text Button” at the search bar.safari dark mode on Phone
  5. At last, you may have four colors While, light yellow, grey and dark.enable dark mode on Safari in iPhone
  6. You can select the color in which you want to read the article.

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