How to fix : Email Stuck in Outbox for Mac

The problem faced by the users in the Apple Mail is that the messages don’t leave the Outbox.
Try the following suggestions to resolve the issue.
Solution 1: (Suggested by Apple Care)

  1. First, delete your mail account in the Mail app.
  2. Quit/Close Mail.
  3. Restart Mail app.
  4. Delete the particular Outbox emails that are causing  problems
  5. Quit/close Mail app.
  6. Restart your Mac Computer.
  7. Open the Mail app and add your email account(s) back.

Solution 2: Turn off the Cellular data

  1. Turn off Wifi cellular data for mail.
  2. Then turn off the phone.
  3. Turn on. Go to mail.
  4. It will have a red exclamation in email stuck in the outbox.
  5. Edit and swipe to delete the message that is stuck.
  6. It should finally delete.
  7. Turn cellular and Wi-Fi back on.

Solution 3: Copy Outbox emails into Gmail online
Copy the Outbox emails into Gmail online and sent them, deleted them. This works well.
Solution 4: Click on the Outbox folder

  1. Send a large file or photo to yourself or a friend.
  2. While it is sending, click on the X at the end of the Activity Line to cancel to send. The email will be placed in the outbox AND the outbox will be visible.
  3. Drag the outbox to the Favourites line up the top of the screen.
  4. Click on the Outbox folder and delete the email you tried to send, and other email stuck there.

Solution 5:  Delete the Mbox file
Go to Library ->mail -> mailboxes ->outbox.mbox file.
Delete the Mbox file and that would work.
If you knew any other solutions about to fix “Email Stuck in Outbox for Mac” inform us using comment.

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