How to Eject CD from Mac – Remove stuck DVD

Sometimes the CD will stuck in your Mac while you are in important work. You may try everything you know to get  the CD out of your Mac. But at times nothing will workout. Surely that will irritate you. Henceforth you don’t need to stick with the stuck CD. Because we have so many solutions to get rid of this problem. Let’s delve into the topic.
Easy Methods to try first:

  1. Restart your Mac then press the chime and hold down the left mouse button till the disk ejects from your computer.
  2. Reboot your Mac then hold down the Mouse Button while doing so. Or just press the Eject button in your keyboard, it will work at times.
  3. You can press and hold the Eject key then by right clicking on the disc icon in finder select in that  tap on  Eject button in Menu bar. Then drag that icon into the junk.
  4. Just press COMMAND-E.
  5. If the above methods won’t work. Go to Utilities folder and open the Terminal application. At the prompt enter the following:

/usr/bin/drutil eject
If the issue still persists, boot your computer into Single- user Mode. Enter the same command at the prompt. After that, enter “reboot” in prompt and restart the Computer.
Method 1: Hold down Option key
Just hold down the option key on the start-up till the disk/boot icons appear. Then press the eject key or F12 on your keyboard.
Method 2: Open Firmware
Open Firmware or use cmd+ option + o+ f to open.
Enter the command given below
CD ejected…. then enter:
Method 3: (Suggested by Kappy)
Apple suggestion is to shut down iMac first, then unplug the power cord. Wait for some 25-20 seconds, then plug the cord back in the outlet. Then you have to press power button after 5-15 seconds.
Method 4: Insert a piece of paper
Sometimes just inserting a piece of paper or a piece of cardboard like greeting card is enough. Insert till it into the disc slot then make it touch the disc, to stop it from reading then repress the eject key for some times.
Note: sometimes you need to turn the computer on its sides and also shake it up and down while ejecting the CD.
Method 5: Turn the super drive
forceject tool

  1. Press Command-E, then make the power down,.
  2. After that turn the super drive upside down it, then use the screwdriver suggestion.

Note: If this happen in Mac book Air means, open Finder, on the top of the menu bar scroll down on the utilities in that double click Disk utility wait for Super drive to respond. Then click Highlight on the left of the CD,tap eject. It may work out.
Other Methods

  1. If you have Parallels or VMWare that runs the virtual OS, will help you to do the operation of the disc. Through the parallels you can eject CD. go to Windows on the VM, then eject the CD easily.
  2. Sometimes right mouse click will work out. You can try right-click during restart also. Or else right-click + thumb in the optical drive maneuver.
  3. Just take your HDD out then put it back in. Then you can see your Mac will allow  you to eject the CD.
  4. Just leave your computer as it is overnight. Sometimes it may work.
  5. Restart your Mac with the left mouse button then hold down the Bluetooth wireless Magic Mouse.
  6. If you don’t connect mouse in your Mac means press and hold trackpad/touchpad button while booting your computer.
  7. Just leave your Mac for 5-10 mints, sometimes it’s enough.
  8. Simply tilt or slant your Macbook to 45 degrees angle so the disc can come out easily if it doesn’t stuck or is on the Macbook’s sides, after which press the eject key. If it is front of the CD Superdrive then make it forwards and towards to you.
  9. Just turn your Mac completely upside down while pressing the eject key.

Softwares to eject CD

  1. You may use Force Eject to eject a stuck CD, because it is a tiny tool designed to force the super drive to eject the stuck optimal disc.
  2. You can use Rediscover, it is an old tool dating from 2007. Through this you can easily eject the stuck CD by clicking on the confirmation window.                                                                       Note: Click OK to eject the CD, in that you can see the Swedish word “Avbryt” instead of “cancel”.
  3. Other software to force the stuck CD is  Disk Eject. It has two versions, first one for Intel based systems, another one for PowerPC based systems. Before applying this software you have to conform the version of your Mac by clicking “About this Mac” in Apple menu.

There are three different versions in Disk Eject.

  1. The Standard Version – you have to try this first. If it won’t work mean choose the Advanced version.
  2. Advanced Version – It will root causes of some odd sounds in your Super drive. Don’t panic, it’s natural. There will not be any pop ups, to indicate its function. If it is unsuccessful means, it won’t work out for some while.
  3. Disk Eject Service Version – You can install this and can make a call through  keyboard shortcut. In the “Disk Eject Service” folder, run the Disk Eject and let it to install the service.

Note: To establish the shortcut just go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services > General > Disc Eject.
According to your choice you can supply the shortcut.
4 . From your utilities folder select and open Terminal Application. In the
prompt enter or paste /usr/bin/drutil eject when you have one optimal
drive. If you have both drives means enter drutil eject internal and drutil
eject external commands. Then close the Terminal window.
Note: Else type as “reboot” in the terminal. That may help you.
If the issue still persists, do these steps

  1. First step you have to disconnect the SD(Secure Digital) after unplug the USB connection.
  2. Then start the disc burning application.
  3. Then give it a disc burning task
  4. Then press the BURN button.
  5. While  connecting a disc burner connect the SD in a prompt time.
  6. You can see SD along with DVD will spinning up inside. Then press the Eject button on the Toast interface, DVD will eject soon after.

I hope article may help you, share reliable reviews on this topic.

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