DVD or CD stuck in MacBook pro? Here’s how to eject it

DVD or CD stuck in MacBook pro

Did CD stick in MacBook pro? This is the most common problem in MacBook pro. Don’t worry. Use one of the following ways to get a disk out of your MacBook Pro. I’m sure these methods will help you to get rid of this issue.

Solution 1: Bootup your Mac

  • Restart your computer. Hold down the option key and wait for the boot drive options to appear.
  • Then press the eject key on your keyboard. When CD is out, then select boot drive and click the arrow key to boot up.

Solution: Shake your Mac
eject CD from MacBook

Hit the eject button. hold down and move up and down as much as you can. Then try to remove CD.

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Solution: Hold the Left Mouse button

Restart your MacBook. After the chime press and hold the left mouse button until the DVD ejects.

Solution: Use Command+E

Press the eject button on the keyboard or menu bar or press COMMAND-E.

Solution: Tilt your MacBook 

Tilt your MacBook sideways. So CD/DVD drive might be angled down at a slant while pressing your finger up against the bottom of your Mac and into the drive. It would push the CD out.

Solution: Use Launchpad

  • Go to Launchpad on your Mac.
  • Then select Utilities at the menu bar.
  • And choose Disk Utilities.
  • Select your disk on the left and click Eject on the top.

Solution: Use Terminal to Eject the stuck DVD/CD

Open Terminal. Type and enter the following command.

/usr/bin/drutil eject


Use ForceEject tool – eject disk stuck inside SuperDrive.

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I hope the above solution helps you to get rid of this DVD.CD Stuck in Macbook Pro. If you have any other doubts or solutions to this problem, do let us via comment. And keep supporting iPhonetopics.com. Thank you.

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  1. I have Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro. My disc wasn't stuck, but the eject button on the keyboard would not work. Solution: Go to Start Button, Click on Computer. I have my computer set to a Single click to highlight things, and a Double click to open things; Single click on DVD drive, and Eject button will appear at the top! Click that and you're done! Phew!

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