DVD or CD stuck in MacBook pro? Here’s how to eject it

CD stuck in MacBook pro? This is a most common problem in MacBook pro. Don’ worry.
Use one of the following way to get a disk out of your MacBook Pro.
Solution 1:-
Step 1 : Restart you computer. Hold down option key and wait for boot drive options to appear.
Step 2: Then press the eject key on your keyboard. When CD is out, then select boot drive and click arrow key to boot up.
Solution :-
eject CD from MacBook

Hit the eject button. hold down move up and down as much you can. Then try to remove CD.
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Solution :-
Restart your MacBook. After the chime press and hold the left mouse button until DVD ejects.
Press the eject button on keyboard or menu bar or press COMMAND-E.
Solution :-
Tilt your MacBook sideways. So CD/DVD drive might angled down at a slant while pressing your finger up against the bottom of your Mac and into the drive. It would push the CD out.
Go to Launchpad -> Utilities and select disk utilities. Select your disk on the left and click Eject on the top.
Open Terminal. Type and enter the following command.

/usr/bin/drutil eject

Other Solutions :-
Use ForceEject tool – eject disk stuck inside SuperDrive.
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I have Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro. My disc wasn't stuck, but the eject button on the keyboard would not work. Solution: Go to Start Button, Click on Computer. I have my computer set to a Single click to highlight things, and a Double click to open things; Single click on DVD drive, and Eject button will appear at the top! Click that and you're done! Phew!

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