DSi won't Turn on? Here's how to fix it

Suddenly, I closed my DSi but it won’t turn on. Pressed the Power button but nothing works. Here given some solutions to resolve the issue.
Solution 1: Take away batterytake-away
Take the battery out for about 5 mins. Insert the battery back in and connect the charger again. Put it for charging for 1 hour and see if it turn back on.
Note: Check the battery points or replace a new battery.
Solution 2: Hold the Power buttonhold-power
Hold the Power button and then put the battery in. It will work.
Solution 3: Check the LCD flashes
The LCD flashes are at the bottom and it suddenly shuts off it might the be ribbon cable. If the cable gets damaged, you want to buy a new LCD and attached the cable to the screen. The price rate for the cable on eBay is around 10-20 dollars.
Hope, this post will help to turn on the DSi.

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