Fixed: Dropped iPhone won’t turn on

One of the users dropped his iPhone, and it never turns on. He tried Sleep/Wake button, Home Button to restart it. But still, the issue continues.
Here are some suggestions to resolve the problem
Solution 1: Hold Sleep or Wake button
apple logo
Hold the Sleep or Wake button for at least 20 seconds until you see the Apple logo on the screen else switch the mute button until it restarts.
Solution 2: Backup and Restore

  1. To check the iTunes recognition, attach your device to the Computer and if it works, backup your files and restore.
  2. If it doesn’t identify, put your device in recovery mode.

Solution 3: Hold Power and Home button
power and home button

  1. Hold the Power and Home button for 7 to 10 seconds.
  2. Now, the dropped iPhone turns on.

Solution 4: Replace the Battery
Take away the Battery and insert it again then it works as normal.
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