How to draw Notes on iOS 12 ?Here's the way

Some of iPhone Users find it difficult to draw Notes after upgrading to iOS 12. Here, I gonna share some steps so that you can draw Notes so easily. Let’s check out…!
How to use Notes App?

  1. Open “Notes App”.
  2. Tap “+” button at the lower-left corner.
  3. Now you will be able to see a list of drawing items
  4. Choose any one item and color your screen with the help of your fingers.
  5. After drawing click “Done”.
  6. Select an arrow-shaped icon at the upper-right corner and choose”Save Image
  7. After saving the image, you can send/share your drawing to friends via email, WhatsApp, FB etc..,

Text formatting & tables

  • You can choose fonts like Bold, Italics or Underline.
  • You can add a bulleted list, Numbered list etc..,
  • You can create rows and columns.


  • In “Notes App”, you can create notes like book format using “Apple Pencil” (best for iPad users). In iOS 12, this is a special advantage.`
  • Using “Apple pencil” over notes will be more attractive and traditional style.

Here is the improved technology for writing notes. use your finger to write in any note instantly. In this, you can search for the text that you want to retrieve the note you wrote.
Lines and Grids 

  • Lines and grids will help take notes easily.
  • This feature also includes single-spaced, double-spaced, and triple-spaced grids.

Wanna know how to enable Lines and Grids…? If yes, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open Settings>Notes.
  2. Tap “Lines & Grids”.
  3. Select the line or grid style you want.
  4. Return to “Notes App”. Now your line and grid appear.
  5. After using if just turn off it by “Settings>Notes>Lines and Grid>turn Off”.

How to create Table?

  1. Open Notes app.
  2. Click “+” button at lower-left-corner.
  3. In the bottom, there will be some types like text, table, drawing, notes…
  4. Click “Table” and then drag it for creating rows and column.
  5. You can also “Add column, Add Row, Delete Column, Delete Row”.
  6. Tap Sharing arrow icon at the upper-right corner and choose”Save Image”.

Hope this informations will be useful to you. if you have any doubt please share with us via comments below.
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