iPhone and iPad: Downloading apps stuck on waiting, fix

One of our newsreaders faced an issue in his iPhone and iPad. The issue is “Downloading apps stuck on waiting”. Here are the couple of the things to resolve the issue.
Solution 1: Delete the waiting apps
In your iPhone,

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Usage.
  2. In Storage, click show all apps.
  3. Click the waiting app, and delete them.
  4. Go to the App store and install them again.

This is the simplest, quickest working method.
Solution 2: Delete the app that has an issue.

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Usage -> Select the app that has an issue ->Delete App.
  2. Go back to the icon of the app in the question and delete it by the long key process.
  3. Re-install the app from the App Store or by iTunes.

Solution 3: Delete the downloads using iTunes

  1.  Go into iTunes -> more -> downloads and look for stuck downloads there.
  2. Delete all the downloads in progress in iTunes and then try downloading apps again.

Solution 4: Full shutdown on iPhone
A full shutdown solved the problem.

  1. Hold down Power and Home button at the same time, until iPhone turns off.
  2. Wait for an out of 30 seconds, then turned iPhone back on.
  3. Apps stuck in loading cleared from screens and the updated versions were still loaded on iPhone.

Solution 5: Tap on Delete App
One app stuck on waiting.

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Usage.
  2. Click on the app in the list.
  3. Click Delete App.

Then re-installed the app from the app store. Hope this helps.
Solution 6: Hold down the Power and Home button
Holding down the Power and Home button at the same time. After mine shut down, turned it back on and waiting apps were gone. Just had to re-install them and everything was fine.
Solution 7: Change its DNS
If you are using Wi-Fi connections change its DNS to
If you knew any other solutions about “iPhone and iPad: Downloading app stuck on waiting”, inform us using comment.

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