Download Books to Kindle Fire (How to Guide)

After you get your Amazon Kindle Fire device, you want to download books to kindle fire. You can download books to Kindle Fire HD from Amazon store or third party websites.
Devices: Kindle Fire,  Kindle fire hdx, Kindle Paperwhite
Purchase and download book from Amazon website
Go to Amazon Kindle e-book store.
Select a Book you want to buy the kids book. Then set it to “Deliver your kindle”¬†option.
Now choose “Buy now” button.
Note: If you don’t have any money and want free Amazon Kindle books, visit free classic kindle books page.
Download Kindle Books from Third-party sites
Amazon Kindle book device can read any PDF, MOBI, .txt or PRC file format books. To download these books from any third party websites. Use Kindle Document app to read this kind of books.

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Download previously purchased books from Amazon (using your device)
In kindle Home screen, select “Books”.
Now choose “Cloud”. Tap the particular book you want to download. After your downloaded that book, it will available under “Device” section.
Download previously purchased books from Amazon (using Amazon website)
Open your web browser like Chrome or Safari and log in to your Amazon user account.
Then select your Account link.
Click “Manage Your Content and Devices” option.
Select “Actions” button (Its available next to book).
Now choose “Deliver” option.
If you knew any other good third-party websites to download Kindle fire books, do let us via comment.

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