How do i downgrade iTunes to previous version?

Learn how to downgrade iTunes to the previous version
Solution 1: Delete current app using terminal command

  1. End the iTunes helper app process using activity monitor utility.
  2. Delete current app with the terminal command: Sudo rm- r -> Applications ->
  3. Restore the previous version of iTunes with Time Machine Backup.

Note: Check the auto update option is disabled. If no UN-tick the auto update option.
The Mac OS x update also may contain a newer version of iTunes. If the iTunes is updated follow the procedure given above.
Solution 2: Convert ID3 tag 
convert ID3 tags

  1. In any update just convert ID3 tag features.
  2. Go to File Menu -> Convert.


  1. You can use Pacifist app to reinstall pkg file.
  2. If you can’t uninstall iTunes components, try disabling anti-virus software, Windows User Account Control, and some repairing software.

Solution 3: Clean ML install
You can solve your problem by clean ML install,iTunes.
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Solution 4: Open iTunes library

  1. Open iTunes and export library.
  2. Save iTunes library if needed and quit exporting the library.
  3. Select Finder and click on Applications and drop your iTunes icon to recycle bin.
  4. Click on the Apple menu to select System Preferences. Then go to Accounts -> Login Items ->iTunes Helper and click “-” sign to remove autostart.
  5. Restart your computer and select “empty trash” in the recycle bin.
  6. Click ~/Library/ and press enter. Put iTunes folder to the recycle bin.
  7. Click on the Preferences folder and throw the files starts with
  8. Delete your Trash completely.
  9. Download iTunes version that you are in need.
  10. Install the downloaded version of iTunes.
  11. Once the installation is completed, go to File -> Import.
  12. Finally, restore the saved file to iTunes library.

Solution 5: Remove SC information folder
If your computer shows “An Error Occurred”. Remove the SC information folder.
To do so follow the steps below:

  1. Quit everything that is being processed.
  2. Select Go-> Go to Folder.
  3. Then select Users->Shared->SC Info and select Go.
  4. Move SC Info folder to recycle bin.
  5. Restart your computer and make your computer to authorize.

Note: Check Finder is in column view, if not Select View-> as Column.
Here are some fixes for the problem. If you have some other suggestions leave in the comment area.

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