How to Downgrade from iOS 12 without Computer?

Every update of iOS has many issues. Likewise, iOS 12 has some issues. Many Apple users decided to downgrade iOS 12 to iOS 11. But they want to do it without Computer. Here I am going to tell you how to downgrade from iOS 12 to iOS 11 without computer (If there is a chance).
Can we downgrade from iOS 12 without computer?
No, we can’t do it without computer even if we use third-party software. So if you don’t have a computer, borrow it from someone else.
How to downgrade From iOS 12?
Before downgrading, back up your iPhone/iPad data. Because this action may erase all data from your device.
1. Go to on your PC/Computer.
2. Select your iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod).
3. Select your iOS device model.
4. Select any one of the iOS 11 firmware under Signed IPSW file.
5. Click “Download”. Wait until downloading process completes.
6. Connect your iOS device to PC/Computer.
7. Open iTunes. Make sure that iTunes is updated to the latest version.
8. Click on your phone when it appears on iTunes screen.
9. If you are using Mac, press and hold Option key + Check for Update simultaneously. If you are using Windows PC/Computer, press and hold Shift key + Check for Update.
10. Select the IPSW file that you have downloaded for your iOS device.
11. Click “Update” in the pop-up box.
12. When the update completes, a pop-up box will appear and show that “your iPhone has been updated. Please leave your iPhone connected. It will appear in the iTunes window after it restarts”.
13. Wait until your iPhone restarts. You can see Update Completed screen on your iOS device.
14. Then follow the screen to set up your iOS device.
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