Does Verizon Insurance cover water damage? iPhone & iPad

Lot of Verizon iPhone and iPad users asked this question “Does Verizon Insurance cover water damage?”.
It is really important to know coverage surrounding your iPhone, iPad plan. The Asurion protection options page doest not show anything about water damage. its only show total mobile protection, total equipment coverage, wireless phone protection and Verizon wireless extended warranty.
Verizon Wireless Customer Support Answered about Verizon water damage

“Yes it includes Water Damage”

You make insurance for your Apple device is through Asurion. This insurance cover your phone or tablet being stolen, lost or damaged includes water damage. If you file claim, deductible has to be met ($149-$199) and replacement will sent to you.
If you haveTEC – Total Equipment Coverage $9.99 a month water damage will be covered. You will have a $169.00 deductible though.
You can claim at this webpage or using Phone : 888-881-2622.
Note : Claim must be processed within 60 days of the incident.

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