How to Disappear Safari Landscape Bookmark?

If you are Bookmarked a page means which normally helps to ease your work when you are searching that again. At times when we open a page from the bookmark, that panel remains there. There is no option to come out from this. Even this panel doesn’t allow to read the page because the Safari bookmark panel occupies the half of the page while browsing.
Tap on the Bookmark
safari bookmark

  • In the toolbar just click on the Bookmark icon. Usually that the toolbar will be unseen, by scrolling up the page you can witness the toolbar.  
  • Then click on the ‘open book’ at the left side.
  • That the first click helps to minimize the Bookmark in Safari landscape mode.
  • Then reopen Bookmark panel.
  • Click it again. You will get rid of this problem.

Via Star button
You can see the ‘Star’ button at the left side of the URL address. Just click on that, this will help to disappear the bookmark panel.
If you have any other solutions just share it with us through comments.
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