How to Disable Magic Mouse 2 Scrolling

Magic Mouse allows the use of gestures such as swiping and scrolling across the top surface of the mouse to interact with desktop computers. We connect this mouse through Bluetooth.
We can scroll the Magic Mouse in two ways:-

  • Horizontal scrolling.
  • Vertical scrolling.

The magic mouse is sensitive and easily cause you to lose your place with the slightest movement which causes anger and lose of time. We can disable the scrolling of magic mouse.
Steps to disable magic mouse scrolling:

  1. Go to your system preferences and select accessibility.disable-magic-mouse-scrolling-step-1
  2. Accessibility->select mouse and trackpad->select mouse options disable-magic-mouse-scrolling-step-2
  3. To completely disable scrolling, unchecked the scrolling check box. Scroll speed can also be adjusted from low to high.disable-magic-mouse-scrolling-step-3

Disable horizontal scrolling when vertical scrolling is enabled in a magic mouse:
Though horizontal scrolling and vertical scrolling are the awesome features in magic mouse, horizontal scrolling seems to cause some problems for Mac users in few applications. So some people wants to disable the horizontal scrolling keeping vertical scrolling activated.
Below steps explain how to enable and disable horizontal scrolling when vertical scrolling is on.

  1. Go to Applications->Utilities and open terminal app
  2. Copy and paste the following command

To disable horizontal scrolling:

  • defaults write Mouse  Horizontal lScroll -bool NO

To enable horizontal scrolling:
defaults write Mouse Horizontal Scroll -bool YES
For changes to take effect, turn the power button to off present at the bottom of the magic mouse. Reconnect the mouse via Bluetooth.
Extra details about magic Mouse 2
The size and weight of Magic Mouse 2 is described below:

  •        Height : 0.85 inch(2.16 cm).
  •        Width  : 2.25 inch(5.71 cm).
  •        Depth  : 4.47 inches(11.35cm).
  •        Weight :0.22 pound (0.999 kg)*.


  • Lithium- ion rechargeable battery.
  • Lightning  connector for charging and pairing.

Pros and Cons of Magic Mouse 2:

  • Looks lovely.
  • Improved glide action on the desk.
  • Don’t keep changing the battery every time.


  • Costly.
  • No new gestures.
  • Physical design is same.
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