How to Disable iMessage on MacBook Pro

Some times receiving iMessage notification on Mac is a annoying thing. Using same Apple ID for both phone and MacBook Pro make this problem. All messages from iPhone are syncing to MacBook iMessage app.
If you want to disable iMessage on  OS X Yosemite, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air or Mac Mini, follow my steps.

Method 1:- (Permanently disable) 
On the top left of the screen, click messages when it open. Then choose Preference under it.
In Message preferences, choose Accounts tab to remove accounts.
It will stop receiving messages from iPhone or iPad.
Method 2:- How to turn off iMessages on Mac
Unclick the “Enable this Account” box in Messages -> Preferences ->Accounts -> Enable this Account. And click Sign Out.
Mac iMessage Settings
Just turn off iMessage notifications
Open System Preferences -.> Notifications.
Select Messages on the left and select None.
If you have any other doubts, do let us via comment.

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Open up your message app. Then on the top left click the green circle icon to enlarge & fit the screen. When you hover over the top of the window now a header should drop down with Message, files, edit ect…you can find preferences under Messages 🙂

Hey I did this but still every time I open my text messages on my cell phone, a messaging icon opens at the bottom of my computer!

imessage is not active and has never been but every time I boot, imessage ask me to sign in. Very annoying. How to get rid of this?

I have followed the steps to disable iMessage and have signed out. But when I go to text someone, the iMessage icon appears on the bottom of my screen. I don't want to disable iMessage on my phone as my family all have iPhones. What am I doing wrong?

Something not mentioned here is that the dock notification for iMessage, calendar, etc, is part of 'Handoff'. To stop those you need to go to system preferences > general, and uncheck the 'allow handoff between…' option. This will stop the dock notifications.

Thank you! Now that more and more shops are using text message as security it seems mad to have the code pop up on the computer as well as the phone.

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