How to Disable Game Center Notification in iOS 8

whenever you launch any game from iPad or iPhone, you will get a welcome notification message (top of the screen) from Game Center app.

This welcome notification banner stops you some seconds to access game menu. So if you want to play a game, you have to wait some seconds until the message fade away. Its really annoying.

Most of the people never use Game Center on their iOS device. So this how to article will help you to remove Game Center notifications from you iOS device.

Note : Game Center is a default iOS app. So you can’t remove or delete it from your device. But you can disable it notification and hide the app. You can hide Game Center icon in some folder. but it does not fix the welcome banner issue.

How to stop Game Center notification in iOS 8 (iPhone, iPad)

Apple does not provide any option to disable Game Center notifications.

Game Center is linked with your Apple account. If you are not logged in Game Center account in your device, you will never receive any alerts or notifications.

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and find “Game Centre”.
  3. Tap on Apple ID.
  4. Press the Sign Out button.

disable game center iOS 8

Thats all.

Alternative method for jailbreaking iPhone or iPad users

If you have a jailbroken iOS device with iOS 7, then install “DisableWelcomeBanner” Cydia tweak from Kinchan’s repo. It permanently disable every game notifications.

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7 responses to How to Disable Game Center Notification in iOS 8

Nope, doesn't work on iphone 4s withios 9. Game centre is not required, but I haven't managed to disable it since the upgrade.

In iOS 9 it annoys you, goes away a day or two and comes back like a bad lunch. Only apple can fix this. Turning off notifications never worked.

same problem after upgrading to iOS 9… can't get rid of the Game Centre notifications… i HATE them!!! 🙁

i have already –
logged out of Game Centre
turned on Restrictions for Multiplayed Games & Adding Friends… (Apple's suggestion…)
turned off Notifications for Game Centre

if i wait for the 12 seconds it takes for the log in screen for Game Centre to come up at the start of Bejeweled to come up and then cancel it, then force close the app, then do it two more times, the fourth time i open Bejeweled, it doesn't ask me to log in, but then later the same day i would have to do it again… (this used to work on iOS 8 and was what Apple started to suggest to me when i rang them…)


Wont go away on my ipad now on ios 9.
I have signed out, disabled notifications but still come back like bad penny. After 3rd time camcel it doesnt pop up anymore until ipad lockec or restarted.
Apple forgot to mention one of their io fixes was to stop people owning and enjoying their own equipment. I seem to have more mandatory icons on my ipad than I do mywn stuff!

Apple keep giving me updates and installing apps that track my every move that keep turning them selves on ! I have a folder with lots of things I just don't want or need or even LIKE . Now Game Center won't disable , I'm not signed in and don't want to . Apple I'm getting fed up .

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