How to Disable Floating Screenshot Thumbnail on Mac


How to disable floating screenshot on Mac

In macOS Mojave, one of the new features is when you take a Screenshot, it will show you a little thumbnail Preview in the lower-right corner of the screen before the image file is saved to the desktop or designated location. It gets irritated while we take a bunch of Screenshots.  Ignoring the Thumbnail Option, it will end up wherever your default Screenshot Location. Let’s take some simple steps to Disable the Option.

  • Simultaneously, press the Command + Shift + 3 to take a new Screenshot or Select the File from the Menu bar, Choose Capture-> Entire Screen.

01 Screenshot ShotCut Options

  • After the Screenshot was taken, a Thumbnail will float at the lower-right corner of the screen.

02 Thumbnail screenShot Mac

  • Just tap on the Thumbnail to get the Screenshot.
  • Once the Screenshot utility is running up, choose “Option”.
  • Choose and Uncheck the “Show Floating Thumbnail” Option.

Disable thumbnail option

  • Then take a new Screenshot.
  • Now, the Floating Thumbnail is disabled and It will be saved in the default location “Desktop”.

The Screenshot utility is a new tool found in macOS Mojave that allows users to take screenshots using a graphical interface. I hope that you have found a helpful tip to disable the Option. Thank you…

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