How to Stop/Disable Auto Lock on iPhone and iPad

Sometimes it is really irritating, you constantly have to “Slide to unlock” when iPhone screen goes black. So how to stop auto locking? or delay its time?

iPhone auto lock screen feature designed to stop unauthorized access. Put your iPhone in sleep mode and reduce battery usage.

While your iPhone in sleep mode, still you can connect it to the internet, receive messages, run apps in the background and get calls.

Most of the activities, default auto lock screen time is 1 minute.

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Disable Auto lock screen in Phone or iPad:-

On your iPhone, go to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto Lock -> Set your preferred value like 1 minutes or 5 minutes.

auto lock iPhone

If you set a password, then navigate to Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock -> Require  Passcode -> Set preferred time value.  In latest version iOS, this option moved to Settings -> Passcode -> Passcode Lock.

If you want to disable auto lock screen feature on your iPhone or iPhone, just set the Auto-Lock screen time to “Never”.

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