How to Directly Transfer Music Only from Old iPhone to Your New iPhone

When we are upgrading into new iPhone, we always find it difficult to backup and restore. Apple does not allow iPhone users to directly transfer music from old iPhone to new iPhone and provides a complicated procedure to do. So to transfer the music files in bulk from old iPhone to new iPhone, AnyTrans 5 is an exclusive software that innovates Phone clone and Phone Merge integrated to data migration solutions. Just by tapping it allows us to migrate data from old to new iPhone and Merge content between iPhone and iPad.
What AnyTrans 5 can do?

  • In just a simple click we can clone content from our Old iPhone to New iPhone.
  • We can migrate content from any iDevice to Any iOS version.
  • When we use multiple idevices, phone merge helps integrate information dispersed between them. The original data is not removed and duplicates are prevented at the same time.
  • It helps us to migrate app data, game saves, personal settings from one iDevice to another.
  • AnyTrans also help on transferring specific media files from iPhone to the computer.

AnyTrans 5 allow Music & video Flow freely
The software creates a bridge across the iDevices and computer that allows every file transferred freely without any sync block and share it in a simple way without any iTunes restriction.
Features of Any Trans 5 Music Transfer

  • It can sync songs to iPhone, iPad, export any music or video to iTunes Library and desktop from any iPhone or iPad.
  • AnyTrans opens a super fast tunnel that enables two iDevices to directly share media files to each other.
  • AnyTrans allows us to add and Manage playlist in iTunes. We can also manage iPhone playlist directly.

How to Transfer Music from old iPhone to New iPhone

  • Next, run Any Trans on the computer and connect iPhone to the computer.
  • In the Homepage of Anytrans, scroll down to get the following screen. Select Audio and Music Tab.   Anytrans choose category
  • Now select the songs that we want to transfer and then click the Device button to transfer music from old iPhone to new iPhone. Anytrans choose songs

Some steps that Apple allows us to transfer files can be seen here to know how AnyTrans becomes easy. There are two ways, we can transfer files using iCloud and iTunes.
Transfer using iCloud

  • Connect old iPhone to the internet with WiFi
  • Go to Settings->iCloud->Backup
  • Be sure that iCloud backup is turned on. Tap backup now.
  • Do Not disconnect the internet with WiFi until the backup is complete.
  • Now turn on the new device, if the device is already set up we have to erase and start fresh and get the Hello screen.
  • Press the home button and follow steps until the WiFi screen. Tap to connect WiFi network. Follow the steps until we get Apps & Data screen.
  • Then click Restore from iCloud Backup -> Next. Sign in iCloud with Apple ID and password. Then choose backup when asked. Check the date and file size of each before backup.
  • If we have multiple Apple ID we will be asked to sign into each. If we forgot ,go for the option that supports it.
  • Stay connected to WiFi until the process of backup complete. The contents like photos, music automatically downloaded to new device from iCloud.

Transfer using iTunes

  • Connect the previous device to the computer.
  • Open iTunes and select the device
  • If the data is health activity data or Apple Watch data, we have use encrypt backup button and make a memorable password.
  • Otherwise, click backup now button. After which our backup seen in iTunes preferences>Devices. we should check data, time and name of the Device.
  • Now turn on the new device as discussed before get the Apps & Data screen then select Restore iTunes Backup->Next.
  • Connect the new device to the computer that helped us backup the old device iTunes.
  • Open iTunes on the computer and selects the new device. Select Restore Backup and choose Backup. If we want to use encrypted backup, we have to use the password.
  • Wait for Restore process. Keep the device connected to the internet. The process will restore all photos, music from the iTunes automatically downloaded to the new device.

As we see the last two methods of transferring files is the traditional way of transferring music files that Apple suggest. These two methods involve many steps which need an internet connection throughout the process whereas Any Trans 5 is software that requires the internet to just download its software and rest can be done easily and in simple steps. The number of steps involved can also be noticed that it is reduced and simple.

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