How can I See My DHCP Clients List on New Airport Extreme AC?

Recently my friend bought new Airport Extreme AC, it was flawless but he couldn’t find DHCP clients list. Even one of my users has the same doubt. So on this page, I’m going to discuss this issue.
Solution 1: Via Airport Utility

  • Go to Macintosh HD -> Applications -> Utilities -> AirPort Utility.
  • While double clicking on the Airport Extreme icon, press and hold down the Option key.
  • To get extra information about the connection of the clients, tap on the small arrow straight to each client.

Solution 2: Bridge Mode
bridge mode

  • Normally you can see DHCP clients nearby Wireless clients.

Note: If you are not witnessing the DHCP clients tab that indicates your phone in Bridge Mode.

  • Also, you can find this by clicking on the Internet icon in the top of that screen.
  • After this just tap the Internet Connection tab under the icon.
  • If this the case means, at the Airport, you can see the tab like ‘Off(Bridge Mode)’.
  • This indicates modem or router or gateway device which takes care the DHCP assignments to all clients on the network.
  • So you have to go into the logs of the modem or router or gateway to witness the whole list of DHCP clients.

Solution 3: Log and Statistics

  • Launch Airport utility 5.6.1 on your PC
  • Then wait some time for the device complete scan.
  • Hold down ‘Alt’ then double click on the Airport Extreme.
  • Launch Manual Setup -> Advanced -> Log and Statistics
  • Then you can get the DHCP list.

Select Manual setup -> on the summary page tap directly on the Wireless clients. Then you can witness the DHCP clients list.
Solution 4: Mac Airport Utility

  • In Mac Airport Utility, there I an option for export the configuration, for that
  • Go to File -> Export Configuration file.
  • Select this option also you have to uncheck the encryption checkbox.
  • You can create an XML file which you can launch it with TextEdit.
  • Then find the ‘Leases’.
  • Next, you can get all the DHCP leases with hostname, MAC address, IP.

Solution 5: Airport Extreme Station’s icon

  • Launch Airport Utility Application.
  • Tap on the Airport Extreme icon.
  • Now you can see every linked device, to get more details of the connected devices, just hold down Alt button then double click on the Airport Extreme Station’s icon.

Solution 6: arp command
Use arp -na | grep -v ‘(complete)’ command. Paste the arp command in Airport utility 6.
Solution 7: Wireless lists

  • Hold down ‘Option’ button, after this just double click your router in Airport Utility.
  • Then a new tab opens with the Summary tab.
  • Then if you let the Option button, you can see a sliding window along with an Airport info.
  • After this tap on Edit to disappear summary tab.
  • Then you can get all wireless clients

If you know any other solutions let us know via comments.

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I use Airport Utility version 6.3.8 on a Mac.
Solution 4 provided the IP address of a LAN-connected DHCP client.
Very useful.

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