Delete synced photos in iPhone

I synced my computer folder to my iPhone accidentally which contains some pictures. When I tried to delete them, I couldn’t able to see the “delete” option to remove synced photos
Here are some useful solutions to resolve the problem.
Solution 1: Removing synced photos with iTunes

  1. Open iTunes and click on the Photos tab. Below that there is an option named Sync Photos.
  2. There are three options available in that option – All folders, Selected folders, Include folders.
  3. Choose the selected folders option and choose NONE of the folders in the pop-up that appears ( selecting “none” will uncheck all the boxes )
  4. Click either on “Apply” or “Sync”.

Solution 2: Delete all synced photos 

  1. Open iTunes and connect your device (choose your device name  from the devices tab in the upper right corner)
  2.  Then click on the photos tab.
  3.  Choose “selected albums” and deselect the albums which you want to delete.

Note: If you want to delete all synced photos deselect “sync photos fromand then click “Remove photos”
4. Click “Apply”.
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Solution 3: Delete photos by Syncing with a new folder
deleting synced photos by creating new folder

  1. Create a new folder and add only one photo to that folder
  2. Open iTunes app > go to your iPhone > Photos
  3. Select the folder that you have newly created and click “Apply”
  4. Unchecked “sync photos from” and then “Apply”
  5. Sync your iPhone.
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