How to Delete Songs from iCloud on iPhone, iPad or iPod

Lot of iOS users reported, they don’t use iCloud. but there songs in there and they can’t delete them from iPhone.
There is no option available on iCloud for Desktop to delete music.
Solution 1:-

  1. On your iPhone, go to iTunes store and logout.
  2. Then log back into the iTunes store. All songs will be deleted from iTunes.

Solution 2:-

  1. On iPod, go to Settings -> Music -> Show All Music.
  2. Turn the Show all music option off.

This will only show music you have downloaded on your device.
Solution 3: Hide unwanted purchases using iTunes store

  1. Go to iTunes store.
  2. From the Quick links section (right side of the iTunes store), select Purchased.
  3. Click X symbol to hide unwanted purchases.

Other ways to delete/hide old music:-

  • On iPad, go to Settings -> General -> Usage -> Music.┬áSelect Edit from the corner and choose Delete All Music.
  • Go to Settings -> Music and turn off iTunes Match.
  • If you are iTunes match subscriber, you can delete free songs from iCloud.

If you knew any other solutions to delete or hide iCloud songs on iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad), inform us via comment.

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Ive been trying to turn off all my extra music for days now after someone else played with my phone & I couldn't get it back. Countless forums later and I finally worked it out. It wasn't any of the ways listed here, but it did point me in the right direction. In the latest update of the iPhone iOS 8.4.1 (Sept 2015), when you open your music app & have "My Music" selected on the bottom right there is a tab about a quarter of the way down the page with a heading like "songs" written in red with a down arrow. Click that arrow & a menu will come up from the bottom of the screen. Then uncheck the bottom box that says "show iTunes purchases".

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