How to delete photos from iPod Nano (Quick Tip)

You can’t directly delete pictures from iPod Nano. Use your computer to remove photos from iPod nano.

Devices : iPod Nano 4th generation, iPod Nano 5th generation, iPod Nano 6th generation

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How to remove all photos from iPod Nano

First backup your photos to computer or iCloud. Because this step will erase all of your iPod nano pictures.

1. Connect your iPod Nano to computer via USB cable.

2. Open iTunes.

3. In upper right corner on the screen, select your device icon.

4. Then select the “Photos” tab.

5. Un-check the “Sync photos from“ check box.

remove photo iTunes

6. In prompt, click Remove Photos button. Then choose Apply button.

Wait for you iPod Nano to sync. It will erase all photos on the iPod Nano.

I can still see the pictures on my iPod? Why?

The above method will erase photos from iPod memory. If you are syncing your iPod photo with iCloud you need to follow some other method.

Apple support guide : iCloud: Delete photos from My Photo Stream

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after i downloaded phptos from pc to nono ipod the photos where as negatives why please xplain thank you

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