How To Fix Can’t Delete Maps History On iPhone 8, X

One of my friend who uses iPhone had reported a problem that the Maps History on this device could not be deleted. Recently, I too had experienced this same issue while using my iPhone 6. Whenever I try to remove the entries which are in my Maps History I couldn’t remove it completely. Just it reappears in the list again. It seems to be frustrated while thinking about this issue. Then, somehow I had fixed it with the help of the tricks which was suggested by my friend Alex. Here, I gonna share those tricks with you so that you can also fix it.

Fix 1: Turn Off Maps

turn off maps
Go to Settings >> Apple ID >> iCloud >> Apps using iCloud >> Turn Off Maps

Fix 2  Clear History in Significant Locations

clear history
Go to Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services >> System Services >> Significant locations >> Clear History

Fix 3: Clear All Recents

clear all recents
Firstly, open Maps app on your device >> tap Search bar >> tap Favourites >> tap Recents >> tap Clear (on the left upper corner) >> tap Confirm Clear All Recents

Fix 4: Delete Maps History

delete maps history
To do this what you have to do is… Open Google Maps >> tap Menu icon >> tap Settings >> tap Maps History >> tap X next to the location you wanna delete >> tap delete to confirm an action

Fix 5: Remove Places

delete activity
Firstly sign in and open Google Maps app >> tap Menu >> tap Settings >> tap Maps History >> Next to the search bar, tap More >> Delete Activity by (choose a data range) >> tap Delete and Confirm an action.

Fix 5: Sign Out  iCloud

sign out iCloud
If none of the above fixes doesn’t work for you. You can just try this…turn off iCloud to delete Maps permanently.
Hope any one of the above fixes had helped you to get rid of this serious issue. If you find any other solution regarding this article kindly share your experience with me via comments below. Thank You…

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