How to Delete iCloud account that doesn't exist

It is always very much annoying task to delete something from your iPhone or Mac. Because every time we will not have same situation to use our iPhone and we will wish to delete the account from iCloud. Now the problem is that always deleting the account from iCloud, even I have personally experienced this problem and in this post I have explained the fixes for this problem. So don’t worry if you experience problem with deleting your account. Check out this post to get rid of your problem…
Reasons to delete iCloud Account:

  • If you use the same iCloud account then your contacts, calendars, and your other content could be merged. So, members of your Apple ID will know the face calls and Messages. So, at that time there will not be privacy in your data. At that time, you can delete your iCloud account.
  • If the email ID that you used for iCloud is no longer valid then you can delete your account.

Deleting the iCloud account:
delete iCloud account on iOS device
To do so, you have to follow the below step one by one,
At your iOS device go to Settings Delete My Account
Scroll down in your settings app, then you will see Delete My account and Click it. Then you will be prompted to next window which asks you for the confirmation of account deletion click delete.
delete iCloud account on iPad
If you use Mac, then follow the below steps,
System Preferences iCloud Sign-out
Using above step you can remove your account from Mac.
Completely Deleting iCloud account without Password:
Above I have listed the simple step to delete the iCloud account from the iOS and Mac. Now i will explain the direct step required to delete your account without the usage of password.
Step 1:
Initially, go for the Settings app iCloud.
Completely Delete iCloud account without Password
Step 2: Then tap on the iCloud account. Then delete the existing password and enter any password randomly.
Step 3: Tap on Done.
Step 4: After verification, iCloud will tell you that either username or password is incorrect that you entered.
Step 5: Now click OK and then Cancel. You will be prompted to iCloud’s Home Page.
Step 6: Now again tap on account and this time remove the description that is present. Tap on Done.
Step 7: Now it will go back on main iCloud page without asking any password this time. Now you’ll see that Find My iPhone feature has been turned off automatically.
Step 8: Now tap on delete account and it will ask for confirmation of deletion and then click delete.
That’s it. Now you have successfully removed iCloud account on your iPhone / iPad without knowing and entering the password.
Note: Keep one thing in mind that deleting you iCloud account will delete all the details regarding your calendar, face calls, messages permanently.

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One problem with this, you didn’t explain how to delete an account without a password on an iMac. I get the process on iPhone/iPad but my problem is on the iMac. I can’t sign out of this iCloud account because there’s absolutely no way to access it. So how do I get rid of it?

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