Fixed: Delete Boarding passes on iPhone or iPod

Mobile boarding passes helps to avoid carrying papers in your travel. The iOS users have the facility to use Passbook for mobile boarding passes. But the problem comes while deleting the old passes. The iOS 8.2 does not delete the old boarding passes automatically.
Steps to delete boarding passes on iPhone or iPod

  1. Launch Passbook on your iPhone or iPod.
  2. Click on the passes that you have to delete.
  3. ¬†Select the information button (placed on the bottom right of the pass, indicates as “i”)
  4. Once the card flips and shows the options and information, click on the Delete option.

delete boarding passes
Note:¬†Can’t delete the boarding passes while the screen is locked.
Here is a fix for deleting the passes. And you have any other solution please suggests in your comment.

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