How to delete birthday calendar duplicates on iPhone

I have a calendar app on my iPhone, which always displays a duplicate birthday calendars. This issue also affects my iPod and iPad.
Here are some solution, you can make a try to resolve it.
Solution 1: Refresh calendar list
Refresh calendar list

  1. Open calendar app
  2. Click on a calendar in the middle bottom of the screen.
  3. Swipe down to refresh all calendars that help to remove the duplicated birthdays calendar.

Solution 2: Using Decipher  backup repair
Decipher backup repair

  1. Install Decipher backup repair
  2. Backup your iPhone or iPad in iTunes.
  3. Run the custom version of Decipher backup repair to create a “Decipher repaired” backup.
  4. Restore “Decipher repaired” backup.

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Solution 3: Merge to iCloud

  1. Select a location to store your contacts and move it.
  2. To merge to iCloud,Open Settings > Mail,Contacts,Calendars > iCloud
  3. Turn off Contacts and click “Delete contacts from my iPhone”
  4. Wait until it syncs and check whether the calendar has gone by opening calendar app
  5. If it doesn’t work, again turn On your contacts and wait
  6. The duplicate calendars would be gone.

Merge calender to iCloud

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